"I have installed both SMP and Lifecam studio software. The problem is that it not possible to run both programs at the same time. So I first have to start the webcam and adjust the zoom etc Then close down the webcam software and start the SMP.

In the SMP the webcam pictures does not look as good as in the webcam software and is a challenge to get sharp pictures and good colors. Can you help me with this?"




Yes, you can only use the camera in one or the other of the applications.  Close down the Microsoft Lifecam software.


Start SMP and create a new project. 


Select Webcam/video camera from the drop down list.


The Microsoft camera should appear - select an image size from the drop down.  800 x 448 is a good one to choose.

Now, click the "Format" button.  You will see a little window with tabs, and various sliders.  Make sure all the "Auto" options are off, and adjust the sliders accordingly.  This gives you full manual control over the camera.  You should be able to tweak the exposure and color so it is right for you.  You can also control the zoom and focus here.